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    • D&D Camp: Spring Break 2023
      • Spring Break
    • D&D Camp: Spring Break 2023

    D&D Camp: Spring Break 2023


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    Modern Games is hosting a D&D camp!

    Join us for a middle school D&D camp (ages 10-14) this Spring Break March 27th-31st. The camp will be held from 8am to noon each day.

    Over the course of the week we will:

    • Paint everyone's own miniature figure to represent their character!
    • Learn the basics of how to play, from respecting for all members of the table, to how to make a skill check or dispatch an orc!
    • Engage in a short campaign specifically tailored for this experience!

    Each m of the camp will also receive:

    • One core rulebook of their choice (Players Handbook, Monster Manual, Etc.) 
    • Their own set of dice
    • One miniature to represent them on the table

    Snacks will also be provided each day.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]


    Have an awesome Spring Break!


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