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    • MtG: Commander Party - Innistrad
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    MtG: Commander Party - Innistrad


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    Estimated release date: January 28 2022

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    Product description

    Join us for a WPN Premium exclusive Commander Party Friday night, January 28, 2022 at 6pm. Commander Parties are a narrative-based event where players are separated into four factions to experience a story set in the world of Innistrad. Players are welcome to bring any Commander Deck they want to the event; if you don't already have a Commander Deck, we'll also have some preconstructed decks on-hand for purchase.

    As a social event, players will be grouped into pods of 3-5 players for some friendly games of Commander, with a twist. During the event, players will have opportunities to help their factions benefitting players in other pods in this interactive multimedia experience. Entry is $15 per person, with every player receiving 1 Innistrad: Double Feature booster pack and an alternate art Conjurer's Closet just for showing up!

    This is a relaxed, laid-back event for all kinds of Magic players, newcomers and veterans alike, although we do ask that kids 12 and under are accompanied by their favorite Magic playing adult. Note: All Magic events now use the MTG Companion App. Sign up now and download the app to make event registration easier. https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/companion-app


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