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    • MtG: Strixhaven Set Booster Pack
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    Wizards of the Coast

    MtG: Strixhaven Set Booster Pack


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      Product description

      Set Boosters are designed for those times where you just want to kick back and crack open a pack of cards. They're quite fun to flip through and contain all sorts of surprises. In each 12-card booster, you'll find:

      • 1 Mystical Archive Card
      • 1 Lesson Card
      • 1 Rare or Mythic Rare
      • 1 Foil of Any Rarity
      • 1 Wild Card of Any Rarity
      • 6 Thematically-Connected Commons/Uncommons
      • 1 Land Card
      • 1 Art Card
      • 1 token/ad or special card from Magic's history

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