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    Warhammer Jr


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    Ushering in the next generation of wargamers in the grim dark future of the 41st millennium. Come enjoy our warhammer 40K boot camp hosted by Modern Games
    The year is 40000, and humanity is beset on all sides by powerful alien foes and devotees of the ruinous powers. Will you fight for humanity’s survival? Or take part in its extinction? In warhammer- players build armies from the universe’s 27+ different factions and battle it out in narrative games to determine the fate of small sectors of the greater universe, or to shape the very foundation of entire galaxies!
    At Warhammer Jr- the player will be able to select from a collection of “Kill Teams”- which is both a system of play and a moniker for shrunk-down small scale combat where teams of epic heroes battle to effect the greater conflicts around them.
    Will you choose the T’au? A highly advanced species using technical prowess and advanced tactics to ensure victory? Or the savage Ork Kommandos, who win their engagements off of sheer brawn and “Kunnin’ Brutality”?
    Over our one-week camp, we will take you through a gauntlet of hobby focused and player-forward steps.
    From building your miniatures- to painting them- to understanding basic mechanics, all culminating in an epic narrative showdown where teams will battle against eachother for the fate of a planet, all while instilling the values that we at Modern hold near and dear to our heart: community through inclusive gaming

    Day 1: learn the lore of your selected kill team, and go through the process of building them up to be your unique heroes
    Day 2: painting! Learn the ins and outs of getting your models “battle ready” and enjoy brief hobby seminars from your game masters!
    Day 3: basic mechanics- learn the ins and outs of the game and what dice rolls will determine your saga!
    Days 4 and 5: narrative play. Clash with one another and experience the grim future and epic battles of the 41st millennium!

    August 26th thru August 30th
    8am-12pm daily
    ages 10-16 welcome
    Snacks will be provided daily.


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