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    • WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways
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    WarLock Tiles: Doors & Archways


    • WZK16503

    Out of stock

    Product description

    With Doors & Archways, you'll have everything you need for multi-room adventure scenarios. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups! Doors & Archways is compatible with most 3D terrain sets and features an integrated clear plastic base that sit on top of tiles, vinyl maps or tabletop for ultimate flexibility in gaming.

    2 Wooden Door
    2 Iron Door
    2 Cell Door
    2 Hatch Door
    1 Secret Door
    1 Sewer Entrance
    1 Stone Door
    1 Iron Double Door
    1 Wooden Double Door
    1 Iron Portcullis


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