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    • WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I
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    WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I


    • WZK16502

    Out of stock

    Product description

    WarLock Tiles: Expansion Box I adds more of the essentials to build out your gameplay environment. More walls, clips, doors, and pillars to build more complex dungeons and scenarios. Fully compatible with all other WarLock Tile products.

    4 2” Straight Stone Walls
    3 2” Straight Plaster Walls
    4 2” Straight Stone Interior Walls
    6 2” Straight Plaster Interior Walls
    1 1” Exterior Stone Wall Doors
    1 1” Exterior Plaster Wall Doors
    1 2” Exterior Stone Wall Door
    1 2” Exterior Plaster Wall Door
    2 1” Stone Interior Wall Door
    2 1” Plaster Interior Wall Door
    4 Stone Corner Pillars
    4 Wood Corner Pillars
    1 Inside Corner, Stone Wall
    1 Inside Corner, Plaster Wall
    1 Outside Corner Stone Wall
    1 Outside Corner Plaster Wall
    50 WarLock Clips


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