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    We do things a bit differently here at Modern Games and that naturally leads to some questions. We'll try to answer as many as we can here, but if we miss something please give us a call at 541-639-8121 or email [email protected].

    So, really how does it work?

    We have a calendar of weekly and special events and anytime an event is not scheduled we offer open play to drop in with your group and play some games. First, check in at the counter to see what's available, then register for an event or be assigned a table for open play. Unless noted otherwise, we charge a $5 per person library fee to play games in the game room. Order drinks or snacks at the counter and we'll bring them over to you so you can get back to your game.

    Can you recommend games to play or teach me how to play?

    Absolutely, as long as we’re not swamped, our staff know how to play many of the games in the library and will be happy to help you get started with recommendations or a rules overview.

    Are children welcome?

    Yes of course! We are a family-friendly kind of place to get out of the house and enjoy some games together. We do ask that kids 12 and under are accompanied by their favorite game-playing adult.

    Can I stop in for a drink and study or do a little work?

    Sure thing! When the game room is not otherwise busy or an event is not scheduled, if you'd like to buy a drink and hang out without playing any games - ours or yours - we'll waive the library fee.

    Can I turn up by myself and find people to play with?

    Our hosted social events or tournaments are an opportunity to play games in a friendly and social setting with others. Outside of those events you will need to arrange your own group to play with.

    Is it okay to leave and come back later?

    Short of a small break to step outside or answer a call, customers who leave for an extended time will need to pay the library fee again when they return.

    What games do you have?

    Many! Currently there’s about 300 games in the library from old favorites to new releases, and we're still growing. Here's a list of our current collection.

    Can I bring my own game?

    You are more than welcome to bring your own games, however the library fee still applies.

    What about my own food and drink?

    Unfortunately, we don’t allow outside food and drink in our game room.

    What about miniatures games?

    We will offer a Monday night event for Games Workshop games like Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. This is the best time to meet other players and grab a pick-up game; additionally, pre-arranged games may be played Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during open play whenever another event is not otherwise running. Because of the additional table space and the cost of mats and terrain, we charge a $10 table and terrain fee per player for miniatures games.

    Can I make a reservation or host a private event in your space?

    No, we don’t currently take reservations nor do we host private events. We're a small shop with limited resources and we want to keep the game room as open as possible so that everyone gets a chance to play some games.

    Can I bring a large group in to play games?

    Because seating is very limited, we can only host a maximum of 1 group of up to 10 people if the tables are free and only during open play.

    Do you accept game donations?

    Yes, feel free to drop off unwanted games during business hours. We’ll look them over and decide whether to add them to our game library or donate them onwards.

    Are you wheelchair accessible?

    Absolutely. There are disabled parking spaces right outside, no steps to navigate, and our bathroom is ADA compliant.


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