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    • Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook
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    Darrington Press

    Candela Obscura: Core Rulebook



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    Product description

    The eagerly awaited offering from the creators of Vox Machina and Critical Roll, Candela Obscura will have you enjoying a brand new role playing system including secret societies and occult mysteries! 

    This product will launch on November 14th.

    Modern Games has secured two copies of the limited edition cover for this brand new system.

    The special edition cover should have an MSRP of $60 but we've decided we want to reward players who are passionate about this new adventure! Therefor all preorders placed on or before 11-13-23 will be entered to receive the special edition cover instead of the standard edition at no additional cost!

    Winners will be notified the morning of the 14th, good luck adventurers! 


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