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    • D&D Camp: Summer July 22-26
      • July 22-26

    D&D Camp: Summer July 22-26


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    Modern Games is hosting a D&D camp!
    Join us for one of our D&D Summer camps offered for ages 10-16. Two camps will be held this July, the 15th-19th and 22nd-26th. This camp is from July 22nd-26th. The camps will be held from 8am to noon each day.

    Over the course of the week we will:
    -Paint everyone's own miniature figure to represent their character!
    -Learn the basics of how to play, from respecting for all members of the table, to how to make a skill check or dispatch an orc!
    -Engage in a week long campaign specifically tailored for the party!

    Each member of the camp will also receive:
    -One core rulebook of their choice (Players Handbook, Monster Manual, Etc.)
    -Their own set of polyhedral dice
    -A miniature to represent them on the table
    -Snacks will also be provided each day during a play break.

    With the success of our last Summer camp space is limited so sign up today to reserve your spot.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected].


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