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    • D&D: The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons
      • Available Aug 15

    Wizards of the Coast

    D&D: The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons


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    A Treasure Trove of Draconic Details

    With tips on everything from fighting dragons to riding them, this illustrated volume showcases dragons as they appear in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons, inspiring endless adventures in your imagination.

    The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons combines the best content from three classic best sellers (A Practical Guide to DragonsA Practical Guide to Dragon Riding, and A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic) and adds new lore about the dragons found in THE WORLD'S GREATEST ROLEPLAYING GAME.

    ♦ THE ULTIMATE DRAGON LOVER’S GUIDE: Part field guide, part illustrated storybook, A Practically Complete Guide to Dragons is a trustworthy resource for dragon lovers of all ages, combining the best content from previous installments in the Practical Guide series.
    ♦ UNDISCOVERED LORE: Taken from the wizard Sindri Suncatcher’s personal notebooks, this book offers fans a deep dive into the majesty and lore of D&D’s most fantastical creatures.
    ♦ THE START OF A LIFELONG ADVENTURE: Your mystical journey begins here. Delight young dragon enthusiasts and inspire a lifelong love of adventure with this magical book.
    ♦ INSPIRATION FOR DUNGEON MASTERS: Both new and experienced Dungeon Masters will find a treasure trove of knowledge in this book. Every page is filled with extraordinary dragon lore that Dungeon Masters can use to enrich their D&D campaigns.
    ♦ LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED: Behold majestic art on every page, drawn by some of the most beloved fantasy artists of today!


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