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    • Roll For It!: Color Set 1 - Red Edition
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    Calliope Games

    Roll For It!: Color Set 1 - Red Edition


    • CLP123

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    Product description

    Roll'em! Match'em! Score'em! In Roll For It!, players try to score 40 points by rolling dice and matching cards of specific point values. Each roll presents the player with new opportunities and fun decisions to make. But, look out! Other players may steal the card you're shooting for! So hurry, pick up the dice, and Roll For It! Includes different cards and dice from the Purple Edition. Each set allows play for 2-4 players, but when they are combined, up to eight players can compete in the same game of Roll For It!

    • Players 2-4
    • Ages 8+
    • Time 30m

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