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    • Warhammer Old World: Necrosphinx
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    Warhammer Old World: Necrosphinx


    • 07-06

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    Product description

    Necrosphinxes are terrifying war-constructs, patterned after the various mythical beasts that inhabit the Nehekharan underworld. A human torso and face extends from a colossal leonine body, combined with ornate, falcon-like wings and a deadly scorpion's tail. Equipped with gigantic, scything blades that can sever a Dragon's neck in a single slice, a Necrosphinx glides into battle with unnatural power, descending on its chosen prey and reaping souls like wheat.

    This multipart plastic kit builds a Necrosphinx, a colossal living statue for the Tomb Kings of Khemri. The Necrosphinx offers a choice of blade-arm and forelimb poses for scything and trampling its foes, and can be built with a bladed tail or venomous stinger. You can further customize your construct with a variety of head options – a regal death mask or giant skull, crowned by a choice of different ornaments.

    This kit also includes a Tomb King, who can be assembled on foot with a separate base. The kit can alternatively build a Khemrian Warsphinx, a guardian construct that carries a war-howdah into battle.

    This kit comprises 88 plastic components, and comes with 1x Citadel 25mm Square Base, and 1x Citadel 60x100mm Rectangular Base. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.


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